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Module II - Islamic Financial Participatory Products

4 Lessons / 12 Week

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Course Description


This module covers two participatory products widely used in Islamic banks worldwide. These include Musharaka partnership and Mudaraba partnership. You will learn the core concepts of these partnerships and how and at what stages these partnerships take place in Islamic banks. Additionally, you will get a chance to learn profit distribution mechanism of Islamic banks. This module will give you a thorough knowledge of liability side of Islamic banks.

Specific topics covered include:

  • What is a Musharaka partnership?, types of Musharka, basic rules and application of Musharaka in Islamic banks.
  • What is a Mudaraba partnership?, types of Mudaraba, basic rules and application of Mudaraba in Islamic banks.
  • Profit distribution mechanism of Islamic banks, how profit rates are declared and calculated.

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Course Facilitators

Dr. Zubair, PhD, Mufti, MBA.

Mr. Rahmatullah, Islamic Scholar, MBA

Mr. Muhammad Makki, Islamic Scholar